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Send Web Pages onto your TriCaster Screen from your iPad !

WebNDI is an iPad web browser which outputs video via the NDI protocol from NewTek.

It allows TriCaster and other NDI compatible devices to receive a live video stream of the content of a web page, wirelessly, without any of the address bars, scroll bars or other window dressings, and in perfect 16x9 aspect ratio.

Simply connect your iPad to the same network as your TriCaster or other NDI device, and start WebNDI. The "WebNDI" service will be published using Bonjour and you will be able to select it as an NDI network video source in your TriCaster or other NDI device.

Now you are free to browse to web pages, and have them presented in a perfectly cropped 16x9 NDI Video stream.

You can also navigate with Safari, then select share and pick "Send to NDI" to open that URL in WebNDI

The "Output Live" switch controls updating of the NDI stream so you can temporarily freeze the stream whilst you navigate or appropriately frame the page, then turn the output live back on to start sending the new page

IMPORTANT: Certain web elements may not render over NDI, in particular rectangles containing video playback which uses openGL acceleration, and webGL elements. For example You can NOT use WebNDI to show YouTube videos.

We also have an OSX version of this application which *is* able to force rendering of pages with these elements over NDI. Contact us for more information or visit the website.

* NDI is a trade-mark of NewTek Inc.