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"Everybody should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think - Steve Jobs”

So there are many resources to teach you to code. Most of them are easy and fun introductions to coding. They will teach you programming concepts but it won’t teach you real programming. There’s no bridge to real programming. They’re more like educational games that give you joy of solving puzzles.

By the way, to code is like to draw. You just need to draw something. That is the surest way to start and know what is like to draw. you don't need fancy art board. Draw a lot. You want to draw as much and as quickly as possible, without being worried about wasting expensive materials.

This code help you how to think. To code to solve your own problems. All life is problem solving!

Use the "print" command to print the line "Hello, World!". Run a command several times using a for loop. Use conditional statements to perform different actions for different decisions. Then chain them to do more complicated operations.

You're human and humans can make mistakes. Mistakes in your code are known as errors. Don’t fret. Any error you make will be highlighted with messages so you can easily fix it. Troubleshooting is the most important coding skill after all.

BatCode is a subset of Swift programming language and uses the same syntax. Swift has little syntax overhead and is good to start with for beginners. Learning Swift has also a greater future potential since you can directly code the same way iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop, watch, TV, etc.

Enough talk, let's code!