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Cougar Sounds!

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Learn to recognize the sound of a cougar in the wild!

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, puma or panthers, are wild cats found throughout north and south America. These wild felines are predatory animals that hunt animals as large as deer to as small as rodents. These powerful animals are even known to kill coyotes or bears in territorial disputes. While cougars typically do not have much contact with humans, they have been known to attack hikers or campers in their territory.

Cougars make many sounds, but the most unique and surprising is their scream! Especially during mating season, cougars can be heard vocalizing with a chilling scream that you wouldn't think could come from a cat. In addition to their scream, cougars also growl, roar, snarl and hiss to communicate.

Next time you are out hiking or hunting, be confident that you can identify a cougar sound if you hear one! No longer will you have to wonder whether that strange sound you just heard is a threatening wild cat or simply the sounds of the forest!