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WorkforceOptimizer (WFO)

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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Workforce Optimizer (WFO) is a business software tool that allows enterprises to deploy and manage their workforces optimally.

Workforce Optimizer provides increased adaptability, flexibility, openness, and cost-efficiency by optimizing your critical resources which gives you the edge over others in providing reliable and prompt service to your customers.

FriarTuck’s system Workforce Optimizer enables enterprises to:

• Improve employee productivity through significant reduction in time spent on scheduling, tracking credentials, leaves etc
• Improve quality of service by ensuring right staffing levels and skill-mix, linking staffing demand forecasts to existing schedules
• Improve staff retention through increased staff satisfaction, morale and work-life balance
• Better visibility and control across enterprise
• Together these advantages lead to operational excellence and consistent customer experience across enterprise, leading to a rapid payback period of less than 1 year.

Workforce Optimizer is available as an app!

Workforce Optimizer app enables enterprises to empower their employees to manage their schedules and shift requests. Staff can swap shifts among each other thus reducing administration costs for the company.

Features of the app:

• Scheduling
Workforce Optimizer allows staff to easily view their schedules at a glance and also drill down for details. Staff can receive live updates and notifications for up-to-the-minute changes to their schedule.
• Shift Requests
Workforce Optimizer allows staff to state their preferences for future rostering periods using a unique bidding system. The point system allows staff members to allocate bidding points to each shift preference, indicating the importance of the request.
• Shift Swapping
Workforce Optimizer allows staff to trade shifts among each other and thus provides flexibility in works schedules. Companies can experience lower absence rates and an increased quality of life for their employees.

To use this app, a Workforce Optimizer account is required.