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Raw Food Diet Guide

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The Raw Food Diet, or as some call it Raw Foodism, is a dietary approach of only eating uncooked, unprocessed foods. There is Raw Veganism, Raw Vegetarianism (adds dairy and eggs), and Raw Animal Food variations of the diet. It started back in the 1800s, when Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss doctor, miraculously cured his own Jaundice by eating just raw apples. Then, like a mad scientist, started experimenting with raw food and how it altered our health. The purpose of a raw food diet can be anything from weight loss, to improved overall health, to helping the environment, although there isn't a much scientific studies proving the health benefit claims.

The theory behind raw foods is that, when heated above 104-118 °Fahrenheit (40-49 °C), the enzymes in the food that aid digestion are now destroyed. Along with the enzymes, the nutritional content is also diminished by cooking. There are also claims that processed and cooked foods are not only less healthy, but actually harmful to the body.

Most people do not do a 100% raw diet though, as it is not maintainable and it can actually be bad for you. The most common practice is to go 75%-80% plant-based raw foods, and the remaining % you can cook.

This is a NO-BS guide to the Raw Food Diet. Other guides have poor quality information and terrible grammar. We personally researched all of the most accurate and scientific info, and collected it in this App.

The Raw Food Diet Guide covers:
-The Basics: Raw, Uncooked, and Unprocessed
-The Benefits: Weight Loss, Environmentally Friendly, Anti-Cancer
-Dangers and Side-Effects
-Theory and Diet Criticisms
-FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
-How to Get Started
-Foods: Eat This
-Foods: Avoid
-Tips To Staying On Track
-Recipe Links

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