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Note: VISOLINO is operated by using an external keyboard or a Braille display.

Note: The following features in VISONLINO LIGHT are only partially available: Lesson Imports, only 8 fields per lesson, lesson creation restricted to 1 lesson


Thanks to this unique tool app, lerning contents become visible to people with serious visual impairment.

What Is the Purpose of VISOLINO?

VISOLINO can be perfectly adapted for the learner’s visual requirements in terms of font size, activity field, colour contrast, font-weight....

VISOLINO allows for simple and immediate editing of the learner’s current learning contents.

VISOLINO displays the basic learning contents of arithmetic and language in a individually adjusted activity field.

VISOLINO allows the visually impaired learners to work autonomously and successfully.

VISOLINO takes advantage of the benefits that working on an iPad offers: strong contrast, bright display, intuitive operation as well as high mobility.

VISOLINO is designed in such a way as to enable also physically impaired users to operate it.

VISOLINO lends itself to the learning of the touch typing system.

VISOLINO enables the printing of written texts and solved arithmetic problems in ideal font representation.

VISOLINO is suitable for working in both therapeutically and educationally integrative settings.