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Mixtures in Chemistry

  • Education
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Mixtures in Chemistry K12 app aids in understanding the fascinating and complicated science of chemical mixtures and their compounds in 3D animation. Mixtures in Chemistry K12 app helps the students grasp an idea about compounds and elements that go into forming chemical mixture by explaining the science in a straight forward way. For the better understanding of children, it includes an experiment for components Break Down and Thermal Decomposition using 3D animation. This K12 app has excellent illustrations and good animations to visually aid you to learn better.
Defines and explains the difference between mixtures and compounds along with their other properties.
For better understanding of children, this K12 app includes an interesting interactive level for students to identify and learn different combination of chemical mixtures using 3D animation.
This K12 app is mainly designed to benefit the students by providing experiments for i) Components Break Down and ii) Thermal Decomposition with the help of 3D animation.
An interactive quiz to test the level of understanding about the topic.

Download the Mixtures in chemistry app and other K12 education apps published by Ajax Media Tech and make your kids shine in science. Unlike a static or video based education model, which is non-interactive, K12 simulator apps are fully interactive and developed based on adaptive learning