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Aptitude and Reasoning Tricks

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Can you multiply 362 x .5 quickly in your head? Could you readily calculate the square of 41? How much is 635 divided by 2½? Can 727,648 be evenly divided by 8?
If any of these questions took you more than a few seconds to solve, you need this app.
Short-Cut Math is a concise, remarkably clear compendium of about math short-cuts — timesaving tricks that provide faster, easier ways to add, subtract, multiply, divide ,aptitude and reasoning.
By using the simple foolproof methods in this app, you can double or triple your calculation speed — even if you always hated math in school.
Here's a sampling of the amazingly effective techniques you will learn in minutes: Adding by 10 Groups; No-Carry Addition; Subtraction Without Borrowing; Multiplying by Aliquot Parts; Test for Divisibility by Odd and Even Numbers; Simplifying Dividends and Divisors; Fastest Way to Add or Subtract Any Pair of Fractions; Multiplying and Dividing with Mixed Numbers, and more.
The short-cuts in this app require no special math ability. If you can do ordinary arithmetic, you will have no trouble with these methods. There are no complicated formulas or unfamiliar jargon — no long drills or exercises. For each problem,app provides an explanation of the method and a step-by-step solution.
Then the short-cut is applied, with a proof and an explanation of why it works.
This app is very helpful for SSC,Bank PO,Railway Exam and all kinds of competative exam.
Also important for Students, teachers, businesspeople, accountants, bank tellers, check-out clerks — anyone who uses numbers and wishes to increase his or her speed and arithmetical agility, can benefit from the clear, easy-to-follow techniques given here.


- Easy Interface
- Math,Aptitude and Reasoning Tricks
- Multiple Choice Question with Answer
- Formulas
- Vedic Math Tricks
- Offline and Free app
- Largest Collection of MCQ of Aptitude & Reasoning