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Smart Kido'z 2 - Discover Your Child's Full Potential

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Smart Kido'z 2 is a unique memory game designed for educational purposes. It can be used at preschool and kindergarten level. It is an educational game that asks kindergarten students to paint different alphabets. It is a kids game which can be used to train your toddlers in basic maths. They can learn math with fun using this memory game. It encourages children to paint alphabets and numbers. Children can learn to recognize the alphabets right from ABC to Z.

Make learning fun with this unique learning game which comes with a myriad of puzzles!

This kids game is like a basic learning game which helps toddlers identify ABC. It can be called as an ABC math helpful for kids. It not just helps learn ABC but this memory game also helps kids identify different shapes. It has puzzles in it which helps toddlers identify and paint different shapes.

Smart Kido'z 2 presents different shapes to kids and encourages them to identify them. This way toddlers learn math and alphabet in a fun way. This memory game also presents a sequence of alphabet and numbers which is very beneficial for 1 grade students. It is like an educational game that helps to learn, count, and trace shapes and the alphabet through puzzles.In this educational game there are a number of puzzles that teach 1 grade students to count and trace. It presents objects to students and asks them to count.

What can your toddlers and 1 grade learn through this fun and learning game?

1. Letter identification- It helps identify alphabet right from ABC to Z

2. Shape identification- It presents shapes to kids and asks them to identify them

3. Number identification- It helps preschool students identify numbers

4. Object identification-This memory game helps kindergarten students identify different objects such as umbrella, eyeglasses, etc.

5. Fruit Identification – This kids game presents fruits in the object identification games to help them differentiate fruits from objects.

6. Sequence- It provides number and alphabet sequence puzzles to help them trace next number/alphabet in the sequence

7. Side identification- The kids game provides puzzles to help kids identify and paint digitally right and left sides

8. Rewards- It encourages children to learn through fun by rewarding them with digital stickers at different stages of the game

9. Customization- With Smart Kido'z 2 you can customize the game as per the skills of your kid

10. Color identification- This learning game also encourages students to learn the names of colors by asking them to paint different objects in different stages.

Get this educational game to hone the skills of your kids in 1 grade and help them stand out from the world!

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