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DIY Gift Box Ideas

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The pattern of gift boxes vary according to the ceremony, occasion and the event. The appearance of gift boxes also depends on the person whom you are gifting. For example, women prefer more of ornamentation while men love simple and chaste designs.
Normally, we present gifts during festive seasons like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. However, making gift boxes at home will be a difficult project for people who have no affinity for arts and crafts. The necessary guidance for making homemade boxes will be provided to you in the upcoming paragraphs.

Christmas Gift Boxes
We all love to give and receive Christmas gifts. Packing cookies, dollies, candies, stockings, candles, etc., during Christmas time is a well practiced trend. Pack the stockings in a reusable gift wrapper. Use colorful papers for the external coating. Tie a satin thread over the lid and gift it away. While packing eatables you have to extra careful. Make sure the gift box is moisture proof. Leakage of moisture would spoil the eatables. Use air tight containers for packing cookies, candies, biscuits, dough nuts, and brownies. For extra protection, wrap them with aluminum foils. Packing dry fruits in cardboard boxes is also a good idea. Lid the box and wrap a clean white paper for a simple look.

Wedding Gift Boxes
Wedding gifts are packed with bright embellishments. Expensive items are parceled in beautiful velvet boxes. Always remember that the wrapping of the gift matters a lot in making the gift special. Similarly, you can make some beautiful boxes for wedding cards. Get a silver box from any jewelry shop and then start the decoration. You will require the following things, viz, velvet paper, tiny mirrors, satin ribbons, gum, and glitters. First wrap the entire jewelry box with velvet paper. Utilize your artistic instincts while doing the mirror work and spraying the glitter. Make it ethnic so that it appeals to the wedding ceremony. Metal boxes for wrapping jewelry is also a good option as they not only look beautiful, but also traditional. Apparels usually come in boxes and all you need to do is, wrap them with cellophane or any type of gift wrappers and then tie a satin ribbon around it.

Birthday Gift Boxes
A birthday is a special occasion and you can try a lot of things to make the gifts attractive. You have so many things to present on birthdays, right from pets to toys. Gifting pets is a unique birthday gift idea. I must tel you that putting pets inside a gift baskets is easy. You have to ensure that there is enough space for the pet to move and breathe. Big cardboard boxes with plentiful space is the perfect box for pets. Ready-made boxes are sold in arts and crafts stores and they make wonderful packaging for birthday gifts. Make Chinese food boxes and hat boxes for gifting chocolates and cookies. Well, expensive birthday gifts like laptops, cell phones, camera, iPods, etc., come in cushioned cases that ensure no damage is caused to the electronic pieces. Wrap the cardboard boxes and then place the gadgets along with the case before gifting away. Utilize the same ideas for making Valentine's boxes.