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IgPET is an evaluation tool designed to support healthcare professionals (HCPs) treating patients requiring immunoglobulin therapy. Providing a fast, simple way to capture patients’ demographic data, preferences and ability to administer therapy at home, IgPET supports provision of individualised care. Suitable for both new patients and those established on immunoglobulin therapy, IgPET enables ongoing review and assessment of treatment progress and adherence. This helps to facilitate optimal training and treatment, while a dedicated Audit Support section helps to inform logistical and financial decisions. HCPs can use IgPET periodically throughout a patient’s treatment journey, as age, bodyweight, abilities and life circumstances change. The Patient Training Survey included in the IgPET tool can be completed by the patient or their parent or carer, providing invaluable feedback to help ongoing training and treatment. IgPET is a guide only, designed to support but not replace professional judgement. This is a free service provided by CSL Behring.