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Pixel Monsters: Slots

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Adventure
  • Role Playing
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Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Immerse yourself into the world of Slotopia where you take your hero's (Warrior, Ranger and Mage) through an adventure like no other! Battle monsters, come up against villainous counterparts and explore the landscape! See what antics that you get up to!

Pixel Monsters: Slots uses an unique battle system using slots, where matching reels doesn't just mean coins but a chance to attack, but be aware, matching no reels results in getting attacked yourself. Is lady luck on your side today?

Pixel Monsters Features:
● Story Mode - Play through the story of three adventures as they travel through Slotopia. Battling against all sorts of enemies, creatures and monsters!
● Endless Mode - Keep battling waves of enemies, creatures and monsters with your team seeing how many you can take out! See if you can capture all the enemies, creatures and monsters!
● Unique Slot Based Combat - Pixel Monsters uses a slot machines mechanic to determine the attacks during the battle. Spin the reels and see if you land a match! Be careful though, no match will lead in the enemies turn to attack!
● Bonus Plays - Land the right reels and be given Free Spins or enter into the Bonus Game!
● Character Customization - Unlock a choice of over 39* skins for your characters.
● Character Progression - Level up your characters from beating levels in the story mode. Permanent stat boosts can be purchased using in game coins!
● Capture Enemies - Every time you pass the first wave on Endless Mode you have a chance to capture one of the enemies, creatures or monsters that you have come up against before losing!
● Three Daily Bonus's - Get three (3) bonus's every day for free just for playing the game. We have:
- The Spinner - Spin to see what prize you get.
- Coin Dropper - A little mini game where you collect Gold, Silver and Bronze coins that can be exchanged for Game Coins!
- Daily Playing Bonus - Keep playing every day and get a better prize each day!
● Completely Free - Everything in game that can be purchased uses the in game coins (no special coins/gems needed.) Coin packages can be purchased if you want to get a head start though.
● No Ads - There are no forced ads in Pixel Monsters : Slots! There is a option to watch a video for a life, but this is a choice and you are welcome to wait for the timer.