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SNAPLAPSE! is a unique and mindful symmetrical puzzle.

Our brains love symmetry. We have a deep psychic attraction to the balance and harmony of symmetrical forms. These exist everywhere in Nature.

Flowers have evolved to use a combination of symmetrical patterns, scent, and color to attract bees. These qualities attract us to flowers too and explain why we love them and why they make us happy.

SNAPLAPSE! is an addictive game of symmetry based on exclusive time-lapsed videos of different flowers blooming. Each collection of six flowers represents about 500 hours of time-lapse capture.

Create beautiful multi-layered kaleidoscopic patterns and then try to match two halves using your touchscreen and a combination of controls. Play against the clock, or just chill and enjoy the puzzle!

Score a 100% snap and save it to your private gallery where you can play it again to try to beat your own top-time. Or even better, share your Snap Challenge to compete with friends.

Play for a few minutes to help get your brain in focus, or Airdrop a Snap Challenge from your gallery to other members of your household for some competitive sport! For friends further away share via email directly from the app. Once accepted, the Snap Challenge will appear in the shared gallery on your friends’s device.

Simple to learn the basics, but skill comes with practice!

STEP 1: pick a flower to launch the time-lapse video player to create randomized patterns. Tap the camera button at any time to create a target pattern, or tap the lightning button to generate an instant "lucky dip" target pattern. When you are ready, just confirm to proceed to the game screen where half of your “target” pattern will then appear on the right-hand side. You can also interact with the symmetrical patterns via your touchscreen.

STEP 2: your goal, using skill and observation, is to exactly match the pattern on the left-hand side, to the target pattern on the right-hand side to achieve a perfect 100% snap in the best time that you can.

Focus on the following four target pattern attributes:

1. the layers in the target pattern
2. the relative positions of the layers
3. the scale
4. the precise point in the video timeline

To match the target pattern, use the following touchscreen actions in no particular order:

• Tap one finger to add layers
• Tap two fingers to subtract layers
• Slide to position layers. the pattern will invert symmetrically from the center
• Pinch and zoom for scale
• Swipe the 'scrubber' bar to find the correct point in the video clip

When a perfect snap is achieved the screen changes to tell you that you have a 100% match!

Add the completed snap to your private gallery. Your time will be recorded so you can share it to challenge friends, or just try to beat your own personal best.

If you need to take a break, you can save an unfinished snap to your gallery and pick up where you left off to finish it later.

Happy Snaplapsing!