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ShopList is an easy-to-use application designed to keep your shopping lists organized and up to date. ShopList makes your life easier in many ways. For example, during your shopping adventures, you are much less likely to lose your iPhone than those scraps of paper you usually write your lists on. Also, having all your purchase items catalogued in an organized way will allow you to spend less time in the supermarket, and will certainly save you from having to make that annoying second trip to the store because you forgot the onions. Have I convinced you yet that it’s a good idea to keep your lists in your iPhone? ShopList allows you to create lists from the very simple to the most complex. In the simplest list, your purchases are separated into “need” and “have” sections and are switched from one to the other as you buy your groceries or update your list based on previous purchases. As your list becomes larger, you can choose to organize the items into categories and order them as you like; for example, you might want to arrange them to match the layout of your favorite grocery store, and thus avoid having to go back and forth between aisles. Furthermore, you can keep track of the total as well as the price of each item, which will help you stay within your budget. If you are still reading, you are awesome; I never expected people to read beyond the first two lines. You may be thinking that this guy is not serious. And it’s true; I’m not a serious guy. But I’m very serious about delivering a great application, and I will take responsibility for fixing any problems that may arise. I will also listen to suggestions for new features. As a matter of fact, most of the current features of ShopList were suggested by ShopList users! To wrap up, the main features you’ll get with Shoplist are the following:

*Maintain any number of lists in an intuitive Need/Have view

*Organize your items in categories

*Order the categories as you like

*Keep track of the price and quantity of your purchases

*Maintain the total of your current basket

*Check out our 2 minutes video-tour of ShopList at

ShopList will save you time and money by making your grocery shopping faster, which will allow you to get back to your life as quickly as possible.

--Felipe Saint-Jean, main developer for ShopList