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MeeJee Board

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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MeeJee Board is here! The classic "Spirit Board" game is now available on your iPhone & iPod touch.

Enjoy telling ghost stories with friends? Take it to the next level using MeeJee board to communicate with the "other" side. Never tried a Spirit Board board before? Your in for a real treat! Simply follow the how to guide.

How to use:
1.It takes two to use a Spirit Board. Usually one person is not able to work the Spirit Board. Get a friend to use it with you.
2.We suggest using MeeJee at night for maximum entertainment. Create some atmosphere. Try darkening the room and lighting some candles.
3.WeeJee users should sit facing each other. Don't use a table.
4.Decide on a questioner or medium. The one to formally ask questions of the board.
5.Each user should hold the iPhone/iPod Touch by the corner with his/her pointer & middle finger.
6.Move it. Purposely move the selector around in a circle on the board for a moment to warm up.
7.Begin with a simple question, one that requires a yes or no answer.
8.Don't believe everything the board tells you. Don't accept whatever the board says to be the truth or accurate. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt.
9.When you're done with your session, slide the selector to 'GOODBYE' and remove your hands.

What does it do?
MeeJee allows you to use your iPhone or iPod touch just like a classic Spirit Board with up to 4 people.

This application is meant for entertainment purposes only.

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