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GPS Cardinal

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GPS Cardinal is a GPS compass for the iPhone 3G which also provides a wealth of other navigation information.

The application presents a beautiful compass rose which rotates to show your direction of travel, which is reinforced by a heading readout at the top of the screen. Also provided is your current speed, distance and average speed since the application was started along with the accuracy of the information being provided by the in-built GPS.

The accuracy is important, in order to prevent erroneous information being presented, the application will only update when the accuracy is sufficient. Best reception can be achieved by having direct line of sight to the sky (e.g. outdoors without tall buildings or trees). The accuracy figure changes color, red to show it is too inaccurate to be used, amber to show the accuracy is sufficient to update the application but anomalies in the navigation information may occur and green to show good accuracy is being achieved.

Also available is your latitude and longitude, current altitude and the accuracy of that altitude. There are also four fields of navigation information which do not get reset when the application is quit. These show total overall distance, total average speed, maximum altitude achieved and maximum speed reached.

Features :-

* GPS compass (as it is GPS based it will only show a heading when you are moving)
* Works when driving or walking.
* Current speed, distance travelled since launch, average speed since launch, latitude and longitude displayed.
* Total distance, average speed, maximum speed and maximum altitude are retained and displayed until user reset.
* Settings allow different units for speed, distance and altitude.
* Metric units are selected in the settings area of your iPhone, not in the application. From the iPhone home screen press settings, scroll to the bottom and select Cardinal. From there you can select the units you want.
* See your position on a map.