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ABOUT iCards
iCards is an elegant and simple-to-use flash card application for your iPhone or iPod touch.
You can use it with virtually any language or subject you are studying, but it comes with several full flash card sets for Japanese as well as sample sets for French, Italian, Korean, Thai and German to get you started.

Browse through the cards with a swipe, touch a card and it flips and shows the meaning (and reading) of the word. Mark your cards as known or not, or create your own cards and sets. Let your collection of new words grow and grow, because iCards makes it so easy to simply add new words while you're on-the-go.

Customize iCards in the way you want to go through your cards: Want to see all information on one single page or let it reveal only when flipped?
iCards is the only flash card application that is using a 3-sided card - one for each field (word - reading - meaning), which is perfect for many Asian languages as well as people who care about having a separate field for pronunciation.

iCards works with iOS 4.0 or higher.

- IMPORT own card sets via Google Spreadsheets (Google account needed!)
- preset Japanese full flash card sets for Japanese JLPT 4 & 3
- preset Japanese JOYO Kanji sorted by grades
- preset sample sets for French, Italian, German, Thai and Korean
- FOCUS on word or kanji by switching reading field on and off
- MARK single cards as known or unknown
- randomize your cards by SHAKING your iPhone or iPod touch
- cards with THREE SIDES to learn writing - reading and meaning step-by-step

If you want to import your own data via Google Spreadsheets, simply create a new spreadsheet and add the first three columns with your data. Column A is for the word, B is for reading and C is for meaning, but you can mix it up as you like!

Any requests are welcome and - if possible - will be implemented in future releases

This publication has included material from the JMdict (EDICT, etc.) dictionary files in accordance with the licence provisions of the Electronic Dictionaries Research Group. See and