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Monkey Shaker

iPhone / iPad
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How many times can you shake the monkey?! You have 10, 20, 30 and - if you are crazy enough - 60 seconds to shake that monkey as many times as you can! Will you be the Super Uber Monkey Shaker, or are you Limp-Wristed Monkey Doo?

To get going select which time you would like to play - for beginners or less experienced shakers we recommend just 10 seconds for starters! The timer will begin when you start shaking, so get ready, set, shake! Your time is up when you feel the app vibrate or hear the sound of the gong - find out what kind of Monkey Shaker you were! If you feel a bit silly playing, don't worry - your friends will look just as ridiculous when you start passing it around!

If you get a high score you can enter your name or nickname for fun. Then when you are connected to the Internet the app will upload your best scores to the global high score tables - how well can you shake your monkey versus the rest of the world? Find out by checking the global high scores through the app!

Will you be the Ultimate Global Monkey Shaker?

Follow @Monkey_Shaker on Twitter to find out the daily global winners!


This app is safe to use. Apple has reviewed this app and approved it for use on all iPhone and iPod Touch devices. This app will NOT damage your iPhone or iPod Touch. The odd reviewer says it does, but if you throw it into a wall it is the wall doing the damage not the app!

There are many and varied techniques to achieving a Monkey Shaker high score but neither Work Avoidance Ltd or Apple are responsible for any damage you cause to your device, yourself, any other property or person while you play Monkey Shaker. Play sensibly and you will not have any problems!


Upload to Global High Scores requires an active Internet connection on your device. High Scores earned while offline will be uploaded the next time you start Monkey Shaker with an active Internet connection. If the progress spinner appears, your Monkey is talking to our Monkey! By submitting your nickname with a Monkey Shaker High Score you agree to allow Work Avoidance Ltd to store your nickname, score, device ID and associated details for the purposes of Global High Score tracking and display. If you do not wish to submit a Global High Score simply press cancel or enter no nickname when you achieve a High Score.

*** UPDATE ***
We listen to customer feedback. Your reviews and emails (thank you) have been telling us to hide the advert during the game. We must show ads to fund development as the alternative is making you pay for this app, but we understand in-game is a pain. You also said you cannot see scores that fail to get into the high score. Good point! This latest version fixes these things for you, our Customers. Happy Shaking!

Please note that this app counts the number of times the device tilts up and down. If the app is left running on a flat surface the count goes up slowly by itself. Even if the device seems balanced then it will alternate between up and down on its own due to its sensitivity. This method will not get a high score, but many people are finding interesting ways to get high scores!