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Four character idiom is a word that chiefly assumes classics and the Buddhism of China to be an authority, and has survived through a long history.
It is various like the one to keep a grand romance secret in only four characters and the one, etc. with the lesson with the connotation.
You positively master these valuable four character idioms, and enrich the language life?
It is useful at once by all scenes in daily life "Dictionary of four character idiom".

・About 1200 words that add three character idiom are selecting carefully collected to four character idiom seen well in daily life.
・It plainly encounters and the list display is done sequentially high.
・It is possible to retrieve it from the list quickly even by four character idiom not to understand the pronunciation.
・Way the wording goes are understood well from a concise, clear explanation and a practicable example.
・It considers it so that the understanding of the word is deepened by the synonym, the reference matter, and explaining the tradition.
- All dictionaries can be used by off-line.
"四字熟語の辞典" is collected to "携帯辞書 JLogos" that manages.