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Fresh Tracks

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Note from the developer... This app is getting a little long in the teeth (written in '09) and the number of downloads no longer warrants continued investment. Making this app Free hopefully puts a smile on your face with nothing lost but some time to check it out. Kind words with a positive app rating will go a long way. Enjoy, be good & have fun!

Record, import, view, edit & store map paths on your GPS enabled iPhone 3G. Easily share map paths through Email.

Create map paths of all your outdoor adventures. Find your car. Leave bread crumbs so others can follow. Help yourself, and others, find locations when no address or road exists. Create Geo Art!

What users are saying about Fresh Tracks...

- "Very cool iPhone app."
- "Should be an every day tool for anyone who owns an iPhone."
- "Love the app."

Why is Fresh Tracks better than the others...

- Allows you to share paths directly with other Fresh Tracks Users. No server required!
- Ability to create map paths with Segments (see the Golf Course example). Just imagine what you will be able to do on the Ski Hills!
- Path compression. Allows you to send paths using Mail and does not require data uploads to a server.
- Stores as many paths on your iPhone as you want.
- Creates map paths without the need to view the map (and without the associated need for a 3G or Wifi connection).

A couple sample paths are pre-loaded... feel free to edit and/or delete these when first learning how to use Fresh Tracks.