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Based on my working experiences in US government travel reviewer unit, I created FedTravel app for you who are traveling in US Official business, do you want to have a speedy and easy access to Federal Travel Regulation 301 Handbook for US Official Business Traveler without internet connection? It’s an unplugged version in FedTravel app for US Official Business Traveler. Simply by tapping your finger on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Imagine that anytime, anywhere you can look at every subchapter, parts and subparts, again, without internet connection, just as easy as one, two, three.

Calculate how much time you can save when you need to look for maybe only one sub parts? You don’t have to wait and you don’t need to wait for internet connection or anything else because it will pop in front of your eyes right away.

Imagine when you need to make prompt decision regarding your traveling plan and of course you have to re-check it with the regulations, and voila! Here is your Federal Travel Regulation 301 Handbook for US Official Business Traveler in FedTravel.

Furthermore, let your iPhone take all the responsibility to memorize all subchapters, parts and subparts of Federal Travel Regulation 301 Handbook for Traveler. Make it easy for you. Every time you need it, just tap on FedTravel icon.
I think the saying KISS (Keep it Simple and Sweet) is applicable for this app. It’s so simple because all you have to do is tapping your finger. And it’s sweet also, as it provides you a hassle free way to access all parts of Federal Travel Regulation Section 301 in FedTravel. You won’t miss a part. Guaranteed!

If you have any feedback please email me at, I am very happy to receive any feedback for improvement this application.

This application is informational product and cannot substitute for legal advice. The accuracy of information in application is limited by, among other things, the completeness and accuracy of the information in this application provided by GSA website. We accept no liability for incompleteness or inaccuracy or for any use, infringement, or damages that may result from use of any content obtain from this application.