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iDict - Quick Deluxe

iPhone / iPad
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iDict - Quick Deluxe (From/To 157 Languages/Dictionaries)

* iDict - svenska-walesiska (Quick)
* iDict - svenska-svenska (Quick)
* iDict - Afrikaans to English (Quick)
* iDict - Afrikaans to Swedish (Quick)
* iDict - Bulgarien to Swedish (Quick)
* iDict - Czech to Dutch (Quick)
* iDict - Danish to German (Quick)
* iDict - Danish to English 1 (Quick)
* iDict - Danish to English 2 (Quick)
* iDict - Danish to Finnish (Quick)
* iDict - Danish to French (Quick)
* iDict - English to Afrikaans (Quick)
* iDict - English to Danish 1 (Quick)
* iDict - English to Danish 2 (Quick)
* iDict - English to German: Business Englisch (Quick)
* iDict - English to German: ding (Quick)
* iDict - English to German (Quick)
* iDict - English to German: frank (Quick)
* iDict - English: Answers (Quick)
* iDict - English: British Business Terms (Quick)
* iDict - English: Jargon (Quick)
* iDict - English: RFC Index (Quick)
* iDict - English: Acronym (Quick)
* iDict - English: Foldoc (Quick)
* iDict - English: ISO 3166 (Quick)
* iDict - English: ISO 639 (Quick)
* iDict - English: Plz US (Quick)
* iDict - English: UK-US (Quick)
* iDict - English: US-UK (Quick)
* iDict - English to Finnish (Quick)
* iDict - English to French (Quick)
* iDict - English to Greek (Quick)
* iDict - English to Hungarian (Quick)
* iDict - English to Indonesian (Quick)
* iDict - English to Italian (Quick)
* iDict - English to Japanese (Quick)
* iDict - English to Korean (Quick)
* iDict - English to Latin (Quick)
* iDict - English to Dutch (Quick)
* iDict - English to Norwegian (Quick)
* iDict - English to Persian (Quick)
* iDict - English to Portuguese (Quick)
* iDict - Portuguese to English (Quick)
* iDict - Portuguese to English (Quick)
* iDict - Russian to Danish (Quick)
* iDict - Russian to English (Quick)
* iDict - Russian to Swedish (Quick)
* iDict - Slovakiska to Svenska (Quick)
* iDict - Spanish to Danish (Quick)
* iDict - Spanish to English (Quick)
* iDict - Spanish to Swedish (Quick)

*The full dictionaries list are too long to show in App Store. Please visit the Application URL for details.

Main features:

- FAST AND CONVENIENT. iDict is based on SQLite3 database, which is the fastest and most reliable way of data storage and querying, and you don't need any internet connection nor any additional downloading.
- ALL THE DICTIONARIES YOU WANT. iDict is primary language oriented, which means when you buy an "English" version, you'll get all-languages-to-English and English-to-all-languages dictionaries.
- YOUR OWN LIBRARY. You can pick you favorite dictionaries, and bypass unnecessary results.
- CUSTOMIZABLE PREDICTING. You can customize the way search result predicting will be.
- UNLIMITED HISTORY. Auto record all your search history, and you can erase them by a simple touch.
- And MORE! See iDict Product List for how many dictionaries and entries are inside!


1. Please check the product size before purchasing. Large apps (larger than 10M) needs fast network connection. Please check other iDict products (with less dictionaries) if you want a fast installation.
2. Although iDict is using the fastest database on iPhone, you may still experience unpleasant delay during data querying. In most cases it is due to the massive data, so please disable some unnecessary dictionaries, or increase the 'Search Length' value in the 'Settings' tab.
3. You can check the details of all the dictionaries by touch the 'Dictionary' button in the 'Settings' tab.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!