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Did You Hear That?

iPhone / iPad
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  • Puzzle
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Did You Hear That? is a game that mixes puzzle concepts like Where's Waldo with the listening abilities of the iPhone and iPod touch. Test your listening powers as you search and find hidden sound effects in deeply involved atmospheres.

Pop on a set of headphones, select a level, and try to find the three lost sounds in each level. The game starts off easy with a simple night forest camp as you hear the fire crackle, crickets in the background, and listen intently to see if you can find the hidden loon call, soda can popping open, or the soft owl hoot. Make 3 incorrect guesses and you'll fail the level, find all 3 sounds and you'll pass each level. (Or find any sound effect and it'll give you a chance for 3 more guesses!)

After completing each level, the next one opens up reveling a whole new atmosphere you'll have to listen hard in and find the hidden sounds. With each level, the sound effects involved build up in intensity while the ones you're looking for decrease and blend in more to the background noise.

The second level includes a country morning atmosphere while you hear horse's trotting nearby, chickens in a barnyard, and an entire collection of geese, sheep, cows, and roosters to search and find.

The third level, the hardest of them all, contains an april thunderstorm where you'll have to find the geese, horse, and walking sounds which are deeply disguised in an intense rainstorm including thunder, howling wind and bird calls.

After you complete each level, the game will automatically save your progress so the next time you open up the app you won't have to complete levels you previously beat.

Also, you can easily return to the game's home screen by clicking the Did You Hear That? logo when in the gameplay of each level.

If you're looking for a great 99 cent game to quickly escape into three relaxing atmospheres, Did You Hear That? is perfect.

For those on iPod Touches, you'll love the easy volume control on the home screen.

Plus, we've hidden a free bonus surprise for those that complete all three levels, something to truly test your listening senses.

We recommend downloading & installing the game with iTunes to make sure everything works perfect for you.