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iVoiceDialIt - Voice Dialer

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What is iVoiceDialIt™ - Voice Dialer?

iVoiceDialIt™ - Voice Dialer was made for everyone everwhere. It was designed to do one thing only, Voice Dial a contact fast WITHOUT having to LOOK or INTERACT with the touch screen of the iPhone.

We accomplished this by having a simple Apple User Interface and use of voice prompts.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Tap on iVoiceDialIt™ icon
2) Shake the iPhone once and place to your ear
3) Say the Contact Name after the beep

iVoiceDialIt™ - voice dialer IS the FASTEST loading and FASTEST voice dialing application for the iPhone period. This simple-to-use voice dialer application allows you to dial your contacts with ease by simply saying their name. Within minutes you can train multiple contacts and enable quick, easy, and accurate dialing with just your voice!

* One touch to start iVoiceDialit
* One shake to start listening
* Provides more safety when dialing with one hand
* Fastest loading voice dialer for the iPhone
* Fastest voice dialer for the iPhone (voice prompts off)
* Very high recognition accuracy
* Can use in noisy environments i.e. The Car!

* Shake to listen mode
* True Apple User Interface (UI)
* Echo Playback on training and voice dialing
* Voice Prompts for training and voice dialing
* Real-time background noise cancellation
* Tap contact for playback of voice tag
* Screen Text and Voice Overs in English
* Can speak any Language including but not limited to: Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

Quick Start Video Guide: