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Know where you are, in which direction you are walking, which distance you made and where you have been so far - anywhere in the world and without having to worry about data transfer charges: GPS:compass is here - the compass that is always at hand!

GPS:compass allows to determine the walking direction using GPS - a great feature of the iPhone 3G. This is done by drawing a track line which represents the way the user has walked so far. This line is overlayed by a compass grid which shows North, South, East and West. The tracking point reprents the current location; it moves towards the direction the user is walking and gives a hint on the accuracy of the current location. Additionally the GPS Coordinates can be displayed either in DMS (Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, e.g. 47°25'46.249'' N) or in DD Format (Digital Degrees, 12 decimal values). The current Altitude and the total Walking Distance can be shown in Metric (m) as well as in U.S. (ft) Measurement Units.

You would like to send your friends a picture of the track you have walked?
• Save an image of the track to your Photo Library and send them the image using eMail!

You would like to process the GPS information on your computer for some purpose?
• Transmit the location data as texual representation or as CSV via eMail!

• Record Walking Path
• Show Total Walking Distance (Metric & U.S.)
• GPS Coordinates (DMS & DD)
• Altitude (Metric & U.S. Format)
• 3 Tracking Modes
• Visual Feedback of current Location Accuracy
• Sound Feedback on Location Updates
• Map Scale freely adjustable
• Settings for narrowing Location Data
• Export Path as Image
• Export Data as Textual Representation
• Export Data as CSV
• Supports Portrait Mode
• Supports Landscape Mode
• Works in Screen Lock Mode

Use Case Examples:
• Trekking, Wandering, Hiking, Walking
• Walking-off Routes for Way Plans & Distance Measurement
• Science, Technology, Engineering
• Military Service / Army
• Hunt
• Driving
• Scouting
• Party in the Forest
• Open Air Festivals
• Sport Activities: Snowboarding, Skiing, Jogging, Paragliding, ...
• Fun
• ...

How To Use GPS:compass:
1. You must go outside to use GPS:compass accurately!
2. Turn GPS:compass ON - a dialog will pop up asking you to allow GPS:compass access to Location Services. Press OK.
3. Now wait about a minute or so to allow GPS:compass to determine your current location - the location is accurate when the tracking point turns green. You might want to use the Clear button to clear the tracking area from any artifacts when the tracking point has turned green.
4. Start walking in a direction - a line is drawn representing the track walked so far. The location dot moves in the direction you are walking and by this shows you in which direction - North, South, East or West - you are walking.
5. Turn GPS:compass OFF and export the Track as Image or eMail the Location Data as Text/CSV.
6. Tap the Info Button to edit the settings:
• Map Scale - Defines the map scale for the path drawn. Maximum Magnification is 1:1000, 1:1000 - 1:7500 are good for walking.
• Treat Accuracy as 'Good' - If the accuracy of a received location is better or equal this value, the location dot is drawn green. The location dot turns red and grows as the accuracy gets worse. Enter the average accuracy delivered in tracking mode to get good results for your region.
• Ignore if Accuracy greater - GPS:compass will ignore any location updates with an accuracy greater than this value. Increase this value if you are in an area where the average accuracy is worse than this value to receive any location updates. If you don't get any location updates this might be the reason.

iPod Touch Users:
Please note that the location data may be inaccurate or not available due lack of a real GPS module in iPod Touch.