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Fetal IV Transfusion Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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The Fetal IV Transfusion Calculator on your iPhone or iPod touch lets you compute the volume of red cells to be transfused right at the bedside after determination of initial fetal hematocrit.

Using your choice of two formulas, the Fetal IV Transfusion Calculator eliminates the need to pre-calculate transfusion volumes for various fetal weights and opening hematocrits - all data can be rapidly selected at the bedside during the IUT procedure.

No typing is required. Select the formula desired (Socol or Giannina) and a donor hematocrit of 75%, 80%, or 85% with single finger taps.

Then dial the estimated fetal weight on the first wheel, the initial hematocrit on the second wheel, and the target hematocrit on the third wheel.

The volume of red cells required is read immediately from the fourth wheel, and responds in real time to changes in any of the other settings.

A calculation of 20% of the estimated fetoplacental blood volume is constantly displayed at the bottom of the screen as EFW is changed.

Now you can have the calculation that you need right in the procedure room without calculators, computers or preparing tables ahead of time.

All future updates will be free of charge.

Formulas used:

Socol: V2 = ((HCT3 - HCT1) * (150 * EFW/1000))/HCT2

Socol ML, MacGregor SN, Pielet BW, Tamura RK, Sabbagha RE. Percutaneous umbilical transfusion in severe rhesus isoimmunization: resolution of fetal hydrops. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1987 Dec;157(6):1369-75.

Giannina: Volume = 0.02 * EFW for each 10% rise in hematocrit.

Giannina G, Moise KJ, Dorman K: A Simple Method to Estimate Volume for Fetal Intravascular Transfusions. Fetal Diagn Ther 1998;13:94–97.