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Do you want to see your girlfriend's image framed with roses (like a heroine from a Japanese girls manga) ? Do you want snowy winter scenery even when it's not cold ? OK, you can use DecorReality!! You can also make colorful balloons fly around for a party atomosphere.

DecorReality decorates the live view of the iPhone's build-in camera with many delightful things. These decorations move gently around the camera image. It is a fusion of the real world and virtual images. Is it Mixed Reality ? Or Augmented Reality ? No, no, it's Decorated Reality (DR), just a toy for fun.

This application is not a Purikura (Print Club) nor a Photo Framer which will put images on a taken picture. It is a real time viewer which will put and move images on the camera's live view.

Please note that DecorReality does not have a photography function at this time. But you can save the screen image by pressing both the home button and the wake/sleep button at the same time. The image will be saved in the Camera Roll. More decorations and frames will be added in the future version.