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iPaintBall is the original paintball gun simulator for the iPhone. It is designed for kids (and adults) for a blast of a time. Pick your favorite color from the settings page and blast away with real paintball gun sounds. Perfect for blasting away your friends (and enemies) for a great time. iPaintBall doesn't just simulate a paintball sound but it also uses sound to communicate with other iPhones or iPod Touches in range. It plays a high noise (audible for long range or so high we can't hear it for short range) that other devices within range hear and then get splat pausing them for 5 seconds. This simulates that you are in a real fight as no internet connection is required and the sound generally does not travel around walls. You can also turn this sound on and off, turn the paintball sound on and off (you can have the high sound on and paintball sound off for silent mode), turn on and off vibration, and pick the color that will splat on your opponent's phone (you will not get hit by your own color).

To play this app accelerate the top of the iPhone or iPod Touch forward and pull backwards quickly. The device will register the movement and vibrate the phone (not available for iPod Touch), play a real paintball gun sound effect, play the multiplayer sound so other phones in range may get splatted, and shoot a paintball out of the barrel.

More colors teams, guns, sounds and any other ideas that are left in the comments.

This app will run on all apps but because it uses sound to communicate with other devices only the iphone and iPod Touch 2G will play a sound. In addition, the iPod Touch 2G does not have a microphone to recognize the sound and therefore can hit other iPhones but cannot be hit.

ALERT: We have found out that the old iPhone does not have a good enough microphone to recognize the high sounds nor a good enough speaker to play some of the sounds. This will hopefully be fixed or optimized in the next version.