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Review: "As a former Marine I can identify a few of these weapon signatures! It feels good to be able to hear these weapons again." Rosco Jp.

View firearms and listen to accurately recorded sounds of them with and without a real commercial or military silencer / suppressor. Unlike many gun sounds in the movies, these are real.

There are almost 50 unique sounds included (Almost 25 weapons and suppressed / unsuppressed sounds for many).

.22lr M16, AAC Prodigy Silencer, McMillan Tac-50, AAC Cyclops silencer, AK47, AK74, AAC Krinkov silencer, Barrett M107, FNP90, M3 Grease Gun, HK-416, AAC SPR/M4 silencer, HK-UMP, KAC PDW 6.5mm, KAC SR-16, KAC SR-25, M16 CQBR, AAC M4-2000, M2-HB 50 BMG belt-fed, FN M240 belt-fed, HK-MP5, HK-MP7, AAC MPt-SD2, Russian PKM GPMG 7.62x54, Stoner 63A, Stoner LMG belt fed, UZI 9mm, AAC Avenger silencer.

Many are full auto. Some are simulated full auto.

This is not a game, but a reference application for those interested in these weapons.

Future versions, planned as a free upgrade, will have:

1. Even more guns.
2. More silencers.
3. More photos.


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