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Cute Math

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The best game for preschooler I’ve found so far is Cute Math.

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Your little one can count baby penguins, pick the right amount of apples to put in a basket, move some happy birds around to solve addition problems, and drop apples off a tree to solve subtraction problems.

The best feature of this game is the modeling involved - all of the cute animals and objects become manipulatives that you can move around to help solve the problem. For instance, for the problem 3 + 4 = ___, there are 3 happy birds on one wire, and 4 happy birds on another. One tap of the screen sends all of the birds to one wire, and your child can easily count the birds altogether. Good stuff. Did I mention that it’s also cute?


* Cute Math comes with cool animations and cute voices that keep your child engaged and interested in learning. The application is not for everyone. In general, it would work with kids less than 6 years old. Cute Math is designed to help small children get started early with math and build a good basic foundation for the future.

Cute Math is very cute and fun for young kids. It’s never too early to get started with math, and this is a great app for that very purpose.

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* Cute Math is featured in "New and Noteworthy" in iTunes, TWICE! (Jan 29 - Feb 23, Jun 1 - Now 2009)

* Cute Math is ranked 2nd in "Top Paid Apps" in Education category in iTunes (Jan 29, 2009)

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Cute Math is an interesting, comfortable application which helps your children learn basics of math from counting and sequence to the concept of addition and subtraction. Thanks to its vivid animations and cute voices, children can study easily while having fun. This application is suitable for children of age under 5 years.

Mini Games Instructions:

APPLE HARVEST: Helps to learn counting numbers from 1 to 10. A bird says how many apples it needs, and the player should drag apples of according number from the tree to the basket.

BABY PENGUINS: Helps to learn sequence of numbers from 1 to 10. Penguin mother calls little penguins from 1 to 10, player needs to drag the right penguin into the queue.

HAPPY BIRDS: Helps to learn the concept of addition. Two groups of birds are singing standing on the wires. Touch the center of the screen, one group of birds will fly to join the other group, visualizing the concept of addition. Player needs to drag the right answer from 4 optional numbers below the screen to complete the equation above.

FRUIT FALL: Helps to learn the concept of subtraction. Touch the center of screen, some of the fruits will fall from the tree, visualizing the concept of subtraction. Player needs to drag the correct answer from 4 options at the bottom of the screen to complete the equation above.

BALLOON BOUNCE: Random practice of addition and subtraction. 4 balloons with numbers on them float in the air. Player need to touch the one with the answer to the question above. The correct answer will be shown after that.

PARACHUTE JUMP: Random practice of addition and subtraction with time limit. 4 parachutes with numbers hang on them fall slowly in the night sky. Player needs to touch one of them to answer the question above. The correct answer will be shown after that. When the parachutes fall down behind the clouds, the time is up.