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aGileDash Capitan

iPhone / iPad
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aGileDash Capitan is a vehicle digital dashboard, featured by unique combined speed, location and altitude 3D log graph.
It's probably the only GPS tracker with HUD mode available on the marked. Also it visualizes your current speed and heading, keeps an eye on speed limits and driving style, and reminds you to take some a rest if you're driving for too long.
Detailed features list include:
-3D trip log graph
Unique way to represent the speed, location and altitude data in a single 3D graph. Color coded speed and altitude chart is constantly adjusted according to your moving trajectory. At your current location point there is a digital compass, showing moving course related to the true (not magnetic) North.
You can adjust the view angle by moving your finger vertically, horizontal move changes the time scale. Tapping the "CLR" icon clears the track data, "FIT" sets the default view angle and fits the whole track on screen. in Preferences, you can adjust the transparency of all the components of the chart or switch them off completely.
-Speed display
The speed display of aGileDash Capitan is "live" - it changes the font size and color depending on your acceleration, making the reading more expressive. Also, it has two modes of showing the average trip speed: average speed during last 5 minutes ("-avg") or since program startup ("+avg").
-HUD (Head-Up Display) mode
Tapping the "HUD" icon mirrors all the text and removes small display details, so if you position the iPhone horizontally under your car's windscreen you can see perfectly readable half-transparent reflection of the picture displayed. We love this mode! We found it much more convenient compared to traditional car dashboards. Note: this mode works pretty well at night time and twilight, but on direct sunlight the screen brightness can be insufficient.
-Driving style advisor
Every 5 minutes qCoPilot Capitan checks the collected speed data and if you accelerating or braking too hard and too often reminds you about the safety.
The "lightning" icon on the left below the "speed limit" is a meter that indicates how "smooth" your driving is.
Also this feature can be used as a fuel economy indicator - smooth driving results in lower fuel consumption.
-Satellite location info
Information about your current location, altitude, speed, course, satellite measurement precision and distance to the starting point of your trip.
-Speed limit warnings
qCoPilot Capitan can keep track on 4 speed limits, giving a warning each time you crossing it. Normally, it's legal speed limits within cities, local roads and high-speed motorways. "Never exceed speed" is the speed you should not exceed under any conditions. For example, it can be a technical limit of your vehicle or the point where government can arrest your driving license.
-Driving timer
Displays current system time set on your iPhone and a time of your trip.
Tapping the "Clock" icon resets the timer, average speed and driving style adviser timeout.
IMPORTANT: this features list is not complete. For more details and screenshots visit or product Support Page.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about additional functionality! Please forward your requests or bug reports to
[email protected]