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Scribattle is a fast-paced game where you must help your stick-man warriors defend their planet from a hostile Scri invasion. Use touch controls to defeat wave after wave of attackers, pushing your fingers to the limit!

- Unique touch-screen controls, including multi-touch support
- Hand-drawn look that is "beyond retro", taking you back to the days of pen and paper
- 4 types of enemy creatures, each with unique attacks and strengths
- 50 levels of blistering action
- Integrated with the Yoo-Mee social gaming platform. Challenge your friends and win virtual coins! See for details.
- Shields to give warriors temporary relief from attacks
- Option to resume your last game where you left it (in case you're interrupted by a phone call, etc)
- Option to begin a new game starting with the highest level you've ever completed
- The entire set of levels repeats after completion, but tougher each time around, for unlimited play
- Four difficulty settings, to match every gamer's ability

If you enjoy games like Stick Wars, Space Invaders, Missile Command, and SketchFighter, you should take a look at Scribattle!



"The hardest game's really f***in tough...really cool doodlings...I give it 4 stars." - iPhoneSlutz

"The graphics in this game are brilliant, it’s as if you drew a game on a sheet of graphing paper and it came to life. For addictive gameplay and great graphics, this game gets 4 stars.” - iPhoneAppCodes

"If you are a sci-fi enthusiast, this iphone application is for you" -

"When it comes to our iPhone games, we love ‘em fast and we love ‘em kooky. Scribattle keeps us happy on both fronts" [App of the day!] -

"so cool! Fantastically fun idea! [...] a game that makes you want to keep playing" -


Based on comments we've received, some people don't seem to understand how this game works right away. Here are the basics:

To make your warriors shoot, touch one of them and quickly "stroke" your finger in the direction you want to shoot. Don't forget multi-touch! Using several fingers, you can shoot using two or three warriors all at the same time.

Pause the game by tapping in the score area at the top of the screen.

Some players have observed that your warriors die easily, and can't seem to protect themselves from enemy fire. In fact, you can activate a warrior's shield by pressing and holding a finger on him. The shield stops all bullets, but won't protect you from the dreaded Noodly Appendage.

Note that there are now four different play modes, with and without shields, and with and without the Noodly Appendage. Find your own preferred level of challenge!