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Peace Alarm Clock

iPhone / iPad
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Now you can have an alarm clock on your iPhone that wakes you gently and naturally. Beautifully designed, and full of features that make it the best way to wake up, and the most versatile alarm clock available for the iPhone.

Go to sleep to the sound of the ocean or a babbling brook, rainfall in a park, or your own music, and wake in the most natural, gentle way possible. Peace Alarm Clock wakes you gently in a way that is known to improve dream recall and preserve the restful state achieved during sleep.


Wake peacefully and gently, the proven natural way. First, one solitary chime floats in the air, entering your subconscious mind without jarring you awake. Then, minutes later the second sound reinforces the first. Now sooner and imperceptibly louder, the third sound comes, and thus, over the full cycle, your mind is brought to a wakeful and alert state, without losing the benefits of having been asleep. After ten minutes, if you have not canceled the alarm, the chime sounds once every 5 seconds until you turn it off, ready for your day. You can select from over 20 wonderful sounds, including beautiful recordings of the seven healing Chakra bowls.

* Wake To Your Playlist

Or, select your own music playlist. Peace Alarm starts playing it softly and slowly increases the volume, so you will not be jarred awake. And, you can even record your own alarm sound -- wake to your partner's voice, or the sound of your child's laughter.

You can control the volume of the start and end of the Peace Alarm cycle, and the length, from 5-20 minutes.


We also include a great meditation timer. You can set the number of minutes and seconds between chimes, and set the length of the meditation. Chime once every 5 minutes, or just once at the end of 30 minutes. Select single or triple chimes, and of course select the sound that you wish to hear.

Also great to time meetings and other events. You can select any image from your photo roll as the meditation image, or use ours.


Select one of your music playlists, or any of our CD quality sounds: jungle at night, three different ocean surf sounds, two rain sounds, forests, a crackling campfire, waves lapping on a lake, river current, a huge waterfall, or marsh sounds, and set the number of minutes for them to play. then, as you go to bed, touch the sleep timer icon and drift away peacefully.

* Fall Asleep To Your Playlist

Select one of your playlists The sleep time sounds gently fade away to not disturb your natural


If you don't want to use the Peace Alarm feature, a standard snooze alarm is included. You can set the snooze time from 3-12 minutes. Use any of the supplied sounds, your music playlist, or record a sound.


Peace Alarm Clock also has a dimmer and night light feature. Just double-tap the screen to dim to your selected dim level, and tap once during the night for a night light.

NOTES: Only songs without DRM may be played in the playlist feature. Also, there is no guarantee that an app will keep running the background, so make sure the app is active so that your alarm functions. For support.

Please email us rather than posting something in a review. There is no way for us to respond to you or ask a question in a review. We respond promptly to all support emails, and welcome any feedback or ideas.

Watch for updates, as we are committed to making Peace Alarm Clock the best iPhone alarm!