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1. The Dutch and German word for “beer”
2. A platform on which a corpse is carried or placed...which could be you if you have one too many!

BierCalc (short for bier or beer calculator) is a simple program that converts between alcohol percentage by volume (ABV), alcohol percentage by weight (ABW), and proof. While most brewers use the alcohol percentage by volume (ABV) specification, some go by alcohol percentage by weight (ABW). BierCalc can convert between the two quickly and simply, as well as convert to proof from either.


*Three different tabs for converting between Proof, ABV, and ABW.
*Simple instructions displayed by tapping the info button.


-Simply tap on the tab whose values you want to convert from.
i.e. If the beer’s ABV is known and the ABW is desired, tap on the ABV tab.

-Input the percentage (without the percentage sign) or proof in the box below the tab.

-Tap the “Convert!” button to find out the ABV, ABW, or Proof. Easy!

Also, to convert a value to another unit without re-entering it, tap a unit tab once the “Convert!” button has already been tapped.

**Developer Notes**

Compatibility for iPod Touch is coming in a later version!

This app limits the ABV value to 50 and the ABW value to 39. This is done for two reasons:

Firstly, the formula for determining ABW from ABV and vice versa isn’t consistent past a certain value. So taken to the extreme, 100% ABV would end up as less than 100% ABW. This is obviously innacurate, but not really relevant at those levels. Why?

Because of the second reason, which is this: If an alcoholic beverage contains 50% or more alcohol by volume, it is in all likelihood not beer and thus outside the scope of the formula and this app!

Thanks for checking out BierCalc!