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CARDPLAY1 contains three kinds of cards games.


The card is distributed to the player of four people. The player with the card of seven puts out to the place, and begins playing a game from the player that puts out seven of the diamonds. A yellow mark attaches to the player where order has turned.
The frame is displayed on the card that can be put out.

The card to which it starts from seven and the same sign is adjacent is passed when there is it is possible to put out (Neither A nor K are considered to be adjacent) neither or a card that can be put out. As for passing, the player that puts out seven of the diamonds is usually possible three times up to four times. The remainder number of passes is displayed at each player position. It becomes a disqualification in the game if there is no card that can be put out while not possible to be passed.
It is possible to pass even if there is a card that can be put out. Please do the PASS frame on right corner of the screen in the tap when passing.

The order is decided in order of putting forth all cards in hand completely.


When it is the same figure, it is possible to take it by turning it over by putting 52 all cards for behind, and doing two taps sequentially.
Order moves to the following player when the following card can be continuously turned over by taking the same figure, and it is not the same.
The player that takes a lot of cards when all cards are taken becomes a win.


If all cards displayed to pyramidal can be taken according to the rule, it is a game that becomes a win.
Two pieces or one figure is taken and the card that becomes total of 13 can be taken. Only one K can be taken.
When it is not possible to take it with place note, it is possible to take it by matching the card and place note turned over from the mountain note. Only the card of the card turned over that has gone out most up is effective.
If all place notes can be taken by the time all the mountain notes disappear, it becomes a win.


The volume of BGM and SE and the difficulty can be set in the OPTION menu.
The value grows by the right side setting of each value.