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Genius Clock

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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Genius Clock allows you to see time in a whole new way. What way? The genius way. Genius Clock gives you the ability to show off your genius skills to your friends and family. Never again will they think of you in the same way, after you show them your astounding abilities to read time in a very different way. What way? Yes Thats right. The genius way.

How amazing would it be to see time in real time computer code? With the Genius clock you can. With the Genius Clock you can read time in the following -

Bar Graph
Binary Coded Decimal

Whats that, you can't read computer code, your not a tech savvy, uber mind of monstrous intellect? Don't worry there's a secret, solve the clue, and the gates will open for you.

1. By way of introduction, you must find the secret information, to unlock the apps secret functions, you must first find it, if you can see it, then click on it.

2. The Multi Clock is multiple fun, follow the sums and center in to the multi clock equation.

1 Introduction screen.
2 Menu.
3 (The uncovered hidden) Multi Clock.
4 Binary Coded Decimal computer code clock.
5 (Secret uncovered) we have worked our trick on a computer code clock, unnoticed, normal digital time is revealed from unsuspecting eyes, work the trick again and the computer code time is returned. Now you can secretly read the Genius Clock's computer code and fool your audience.

So now its time to get smart, have the time of your life. Let the world know, this time, they are clocking their stares at a genius.

Impress friends and family with your genius skills.
How they will lament and bestow you great odes.
With your skills to display time in graphs, hex, and other computer codes.
Discover the secrets that the Genius Clock beholds.
Kudos and praise and other accolades.
No time to stop, with this impressive clock.
Laugh at friends and family as they are baffled by your Genius Clock.

Product Warning.
This product can induce onlookers into believing you are the following -
Smarty pants, brain boffin, super mind, uber brain, tech wizard, and all round monstrous master of the mental mind box.
Caution when product is also used with maniacal laughter, it can cause the serious side effects of the condition know as Evil Genius...