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Sweet Talk A2Y

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Answer these questions:
• Are you tired of being alone or having to settle for ‘average’ women?

• Do you go on dates that always end with the ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’ speech?

• Are you fed up with watching ‘other’ guys go home with the beautiful women you desire?

• Do you want that “One Special Girl”, but don’t know how to get her?

• Ever start a conversation that ends awkwardly when you don’t know what to say next?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then the "Sweet Talk A2Y" might be the most useful love messages you’ve ever read...

Sweet Talk A2Y consists of over 600 messages sorted in 16 groups from A to Y to help you winning your lover's heart.

How To Sweet Talk Your Lady Love?

Men in the house! We know that you possibly have been a real impressive talker on the phone or on chat. But when you are about to start talking on your date, the situation is a lot crucial as you may perhaps thought. There are a whole lot of undecided talks and you never know which ball of fire you might be tackle the very next moment. Yes, don't underestimate a woman's wit. She may just catch you in between the scissors. If you are trying to impress her, she'll backfire. Here are a 5 ways that would get you all the attention from her.

5 things she'd love to hear...

"You look amazing."

Compliment her about the way she is looking. She definitely has put in some extra efforts for you. If you have planned a really informal date with jeans and shirts hooked up, make sure you admire it and let her know in kind words. There is no need to be specific or wander in detail all through the tags on her clothes. Try to make her feel comfortable and do not make her feel like you are checking her out.

"How was your day?"

This is the most harmless question to ask. This will make her feel that you really care about her life and are interested in knowing more about it. If she is stressed out, a few kind and cozy words will surely comfort her. She might even ask you for an opinion and you better be prepared to give a proper solution to it as it could be a hidden test for your intellect.
"I'm really having a great time with you."

Almost certainly the finest thing you can say mid-date! This would sound a little sudden for her, but she would appreciate that you noticed something special. And who might imagine, she may pop up saying "Me too!"

"What do you think about such-and-such topic?"

Dearest men, you are exceptionally skilled at telling your women everything about yourself even if she might have not asked. But women need to be asked about their likes and dislikes. She won't say it unless you ask for it. Make sure you keep limits in asking her varied questions. If you take a certain opinion from her, she will really like you being concerned about her opinion.

"I'd love to see you again."

This is a great way to end a date. She will no longer be waiting by the phone for you to call back again, as her instincts are already aware that you would like to meet her again and spend some more quality time.

Note: Support iPhone/iPod Touch OS 3.1