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Laws of Life: Free

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From the demented geniuses that brought you the original "Yo Mama" App comes the funniest app to date.  We proudly present the Lite version of the "Laws of Life".  Disclaimer: following some of these laws may actually land you in jail, increase waist size, cause gray hair, lead to an increase in cavities, hyper tension and blackouts - please "take with a grain of salt."

A note from the author:
Being on this earth for 32 years I have come to learn a few laws of life. I was never a great student in school, but after graduating I realized that's when my real education began.  

One night, while getting very inebriated with some good friends we started talking about life, love, and everything in between.  That's when I realized that I had all these little laws, and I used them over and over again.  Many of my friends said I should write a book and I am like "uh, that's a lot of work".  But then a few more friends told me I should do it, and a few more, and a few more.  That's when I started writing these laws down.

Some you will find hysterical, some you will find to be heart warming, others may offend you and others you have to "read between the lines", but they all have some truth behind them. The thing that I love the most about these laws is that they will never be complete, there will always be a new law to learn. 

I've never really followed through with things in my life, until now.  I don't know if "Laws of Life" will be successful, but I am glad I wrote them down and have a chance to share them.  My hope is that you learn at least one good law and that you laughed your a** off while learning said law.


New 'Laws of Life' will be added free of charge in future updates.  If you have any laws that you live by that you would like to suggest to us, send us an email at