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JAPAN Castle

iPhone / iPad
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A castle in various clans that exist to the end of shogunate restoration, castles of the shogunate direct control, and important in history castles (Gifu castle, Azuchi Castle, Takeda castle, and Nago castle) are published by 186 castles.
(Shurijo that five angle district that is the magistrate place of the shogunate direct control and is Ryukyu Hisashi's castle is included. )
It connects with the map when the map is done in the tap and the place in the destination is understood.

●It is possible to select it from eight provinces.
1.Hokkaido and Tohoku
8.Kyushu and Okinawa

●Google map and cooperation (function only of iPhone)
It is also possible to do the choice of a target castle, the display of the map, and Map in the tap and to display the map directly.

●Essential information
- Administrative divisions/territory system country
- Castle name
- Castle Photo(When the image double tap is done, the castle is expanded.)
- Domain
- Map display (Google map)
- Lord
- Kokudaka(10,000 Koku)※
- Family crest (image)
- Address
- Closest station
- Bus stop
- Introductory essay
※Kokudaka refers to a system for determining land value for tribute purposes in Edo period Japan and expressing this value in koku of rice.