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Pocket Note iP3 - Draw, Type and Attach Photos

  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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Pocket Note iP3 enables you to sketch, type and attach photos to your note - turning your iPad into a flexible, powerful yet user-friendly note pad.

By utilizing multi-touch and combining sketches, text and photos, you can for example:
- Create flow chart for a project or task.
- Jot down and manage your ideas and thoughts anytime, anywhere.
- Group photos of an event (e.g. birthday party) together and annotate them with text or sketches.
- Make a quick and simple memo of to-dos.
- Compose a diary with sketches and photos.


-Allows you to manipulate several photos (move/rotate/resize) or text memos (move/resize) at the same time

- Jot down notes or sketch effortlessly
- Different pen colors
- Draw above inserted text and photos
- Stroke by stroke review of drawing
- Erase drawing partially or completely

- Attach photos from photo albums
- Rotate, move and resize photos

- Insert text
- Resizable text area
- Scrollable text area

- Multiple notes
- Rename note titles
- Thumbnail view*
- Quickly access different notes by scrolling through titled tabs
- Save note as image to photo albums and share
- Auto save
- Simple and intuitive user interface

Pocket Note iP3 helps you live a "Greener" life, too. As you won't need as many papers to organize your idea as before.

*Thumbnail preview of the current note is updated only when you switch to another note or after the thumbnails are hidden and shown again