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KorQBord™ - GTD and Mind Mapping for
Visual Thinkers and Regular People.

KorQBord™ by RnSK Softronics brings brainstorming, To-Do, Mind-Mapping and information-gathering to iPad by putting a digital twist on one of the best tools ever devised for visualizing the Big Picture: the cork board.

Jot an idea on a 3x5 index card, scribble a rough sketch or grab a picture or photo and pin it down. Like a real cork board, you aren't limited to where you can put things or how to group them. And thanks to iPad's large multi-touch surface, you can move as many things around as you have fingers.

Just tap anywhere with a couple of fingers to add a note card and type away. Add pictures from your photo library. Or even paste images and text from other apps with a simple double-tap. And KorQBord™ is built to support big ideas with a massive 21x28.5 inches of virtual working space - nearly 3sq feet, right in your hands.

Pinch-zoom to work close or zoom out to look at the big picture. No fancy controls...just a couple of fingers.

But there is even more: Press and hold the stickpin on any notecard and record up to 2 minutes of audio. Create multiple documents. And don't worry - you can share your work with other people. Save a picture of your KorQBord™ to your Photo Library, or connect to your computer and share KorQBord™ images or Save as PDF. You can even save a copy of a KorQBord™ document to share with other KorQBord™ users.

KorQBord™ is an easy, fun and tactile way to brainstorm, save, organize and share your ideas.