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DiddyMidiDJ is a DJ Controller app that displays a touch sensitive virtual DJ mixing surface that is used to send Midi commands to an appropriate Midi enabled DJ application on a Macintosh.

DiddyMidiDJ may also be used to control other Midi receptive Software on a mac, but is optimised for DJ software.

DiddyMidiDJ has been tested with DJ mixing software Traktor Pro and has a Midi Message map similar to that on a Hercule RMX hardware surface.

DiddyMidiDJ requires DiddyMidThru to be running on the Macintosh OSX 10.5+ computer. This is a free download from DiddyMidiThru creates a virtual cable via wifi from the DiddyMidiPad to your DJ software. It advertises the Cable via Bonjour ( zeroconf) for ease of use.

Requirements :
Wifi networking, Macintosh OSX computer 10.5+, DiddyMidiThru ( free), Macintosh OSX Midi Enabled DJ Software ( not included ).


Preset Control Map : The controls are preset to specific Midi Controls.

Active Controls : All controls are responsive to Midi Messages, with sliders moving , buttons hilighting, knobs turning to appropriate values if sent midi information.

Precision adjustment : The main sliders for Volume and Pitch Bend may be adjusted in more sensitive increments by touching the slider area further away from the main slider knob.

A wealth of controls : 36 Buttons, 8 Sliders, 6 Rotary Knobs, 4 leds and 2 scratch pad areas.

A preset Midi Map for using with TraktorPro can also be downloaded from the website.

Wifi Client discovery via Bonjour

Written by Diddy the UK DJ and Artist.

NB. You will need to have your own DJ software for the Macintosh. This application is not itself, an audio app but is a remote control for audio software on a mac.

Traktor Pro is a trademark of Native-Instruments and is used here for illustration purposes only.