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Bubble Chemicals Lite HD

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★ Look for our SP single player only version iPad in HD

Striving to be the best periodic table app out there for students, professors, and professionals alike, we have graphically re-designed Bubble Chemicals Lite to take better advantage of the amazing screen real-estate of the new iPad devices, here is a great new version of Bubble Imagineering's Bubble Chemicals Lite for the iPad devices..

The list of Table types that can be viewed is below:
Short Extended (218 elements)
Bayley Pyramid
Electron Fill

All table formats have the ability to show the element symbol or number dependent on your live chosen configuration choices.

Any element can be pushed, which will bring up a properties view incorporating the following properties:

Element Picture
Electron configuration (in long or short version)
Atomic Weight
Melting Point
Boiling Point
Specific Heat
Thermal Conductivity
Atomic Radius
Covalent Radius
Ionic Radius
Atomic Volume
Crystal Structure (text + picture)
Metal Cluster Type
Resistivity (at many temperatures)
Superconductivity temperature
1st Ionization temperature

Each one of these properties may be graphed 2 different ways. First, it can be shown as a false colored intensity mapping on the actual periodic table. Secondly you may choose to plot the data on a 1D plotter (property on the y axis, atomic number on the x axis). Furthermore with more configuration you may plot any number of the provided properties simultaneously on the plotter so as to gain visibility into the trends between properties. The plotter can also be configured to show just a single family if you choose. Values can be log scaled on either the periodic table or grapher views. The periodic table view can also be setup to show which elements are liquid solid or gas at any temperature (up to 5900K) with a slider and textbox on the table window that updates the table dynamically.

This app also incorporates a bohr modeler, electron fill (with spin) plotter, and a lewis dot diagrammer.

By far this app incorporates more capability than any app yet, and we plan for a pro version to be released soon, that brings up many other features including:
A full Spectrum viewer
a versus grapher
a three and four dimensional grapher

Look also for Bubble Chemicals Lite for iPhone, Bubble Spectrum for iPhone (and soon to be released for the iPad), as well as Bubble False Images for iPhone (also soon to be on iPad).

Look for our newest addition "Quads", which is a new block breaker based game in both single and multiplayer versions for the iPad. We hope this is a fun new and challenging addition to an old favorite. Also soon to be released for the iPhone.

Bubble Imagineering is also in full development of an exciting new game to launch for the iPad, and for a later launch for the iPhone. Also look later for all of these products to be available for other mobile platforms.

Thanks for looking and purchasing :-)

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