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Ancient Drum

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From the designer of 古筝!
Now get to play a mysterious Ancient Drum- Paigu.
This time a specialized version for iPad!!!

Paigu(ancient Chinese drum) is widely used in Chinese traditional music. With the exciting rhythm of Paigu, you will absolutely like to dance around. With this new app, you can play your own music and become a Chinese drummer. Just enjoy it!!!

What is Paigu?

The Chinese paigu (also spelled pai gu) is a set of three to seven tuned drums (in most instances five are used), traditionally made of wood with animal skin heads. It is played by beating the heads (and sometimes also the body) with sticks. Most drums are double sided and turnable. Both sides have different tunings. Tuning is done by use of Allen keys.

How to play?

1. Tap any of the five drums to play a tone
2. By clicking 'play' button, our app will automatically play the tutorial, and help you to learn how to play this instrument.
3. By clicking 'setting' button, you could have a personalized user interface and a customized tone.


1. Record and playback function
2. a 15-minute tutorial helps you to grasp the instrument
3. Set your own beat
4. metronome included

Future updates:

1. more interesting Chinese traditional instruments
2. peer to peer play, band function

More apps:

This app is the second app of our musical instruments series. MEET STUDIO devotes to bring you more traditional Chinese instruments as well as modern instruments to you in the coming days. You could expect more apps both on iphone/ipod touch and iPad platforms. Please mail to us:, or follow us on twitter(eseedo).