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Dear Diary!

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Dear Diary! is an elegant, beautiful way to keep track of your ever-changing life. Your daily thoughts and experiences will fit right into the beautiful interface of the iPad.

Dear Diary believes that your privacy should come first and foremost (because, really, who wants their little sister reading their diary?). That's why we have protected your diary with a password, ensuring that your thoughts stay private. This way, nobody can read your entries but you, so feel free to write about anything you want.

One of the biggest problems with real diaries is that you have to read the whole thing to find what you wrote about that one relationship or fight with your friend. Dear Diary fixes this problem with our innovative diary-searching. Just type in a word and you will be able to look through pages that are relevant to that keyword, instead of leafing through hundreds of pages!

They're your entries, so why not have them your way? We don't think that Times New Roman is that pretty of a font, and we wouldn't be caught dead using it in our diaries, so why should you? Dear Diary lets you choose from five different fonts, so your diary can match your style.