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Bubble Spectrum HD

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= Look for our Quads SP single player only version iPad in HD
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Bubble Imagineering brings you Bubble Spectrum for the iPad. Utilizing the fantastic new screen real-estate these great devices offer, we have been able to improve the main interface by making almost all main parameterizable functionalities non-scrolling. We have also been able to add a table view of the data set right onto the main spectrum viewing window.

This application is for anyone who is taking physics doing double and single slit experiments who want a reference of what they're looking at (or should be seeing). It is for astrophysicists, who want a similar reference that they can take with them. This app is also just fun to use, something that really doesn't exist with some of these capabilities (zoom and pan, non-visible range viewing, etc...).

This is an application that utilizes (internally held NIST based) data files representing the lines of the spectrum that each element of the periodic table will emit (and absorb) when energized. It displays these spectral lines as an image.

The user can zoom in or out to get better resolution, pan (visible and non-visible ranges), view each element with or without the full spectrum on top, cut down the view to the requested ionization levels, and more.

Look for our newest addition "Quads", which is a new block breaker based game in both single and multiplayer versions for the iPad. We hope this is a fun new and challenging addition to an old favorite. Also soon to be released for the iPhone.

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