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Explore countless musical possibilities by looping rhythmic patterns of different lengths. Infinitely entertaining, never the same twice, and you don't have to have music or rhythm skills to make complex, exotic polyrhythms.


The two groups of buttons control the fast and slow rhythms. Start by activating a few the fast rhythms on the left side work your way to the slow rhythms on the right to get a sense of the master loop.

The leftmost beat in every row all play simultaneously at the beginning of the master loop, and will never all coincide again until the long pattern repeats each 2-6 minutes depending on the tempo. The progress indicator (bottom) lets you know where you are in the master loop.

Each successive row of buttons on the left represents a looping rhythm of a different length, and each button represents a pulse in that loop. The top left button plays every single pulse and the bottom loops a pattern with 15 pulses. These buttons can be touched on and off during playback to adjust the rhythms as they cycle through the master loop.

Each row of buttons on the right represents a different equal subdivision of the master loop, and each individual button is a unique location in the loop. These play only once each per cycle of the master loop and mark your place in the long cycle.

• High quality drum samples create a rich audio experience.
• Audio controls (top right) include Play/Pause, Restart, and Tempo.
• Tempo can also be varied smoothly in real time.
• Progress indicator (bottom) lets you know where you are in the master loop.
• Sessions (top left) can be saved and loaded back in during playback.
• Supports Background audio playback and media playback dock controls.
• Supports AirPlay.

This is an ongoing project and we welcome your feedback. Please email your questions and comments to