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IQPrompter, the premier teleprompter app for iPad, now has a remote control with synchronized prompter screen. It has social media, DropBox, YouTube, AirDrop, iCloud import/export, audio, video, photos, and many other features requested by our professional users. It is also a complete ENG device for in-the-field reporting.

Note that this release requires iOS 8.0 or later. Remote control features require local WiFi or BlueTooth for devices not having a Lightning connector. There have been major internal revisions in v. 5.0. Please file bug reports if you experience a problem.

iQPrompter has far surpassed being just a mobile teleprompter. It is a personal tool for the professional, academic, student, politician, pastor, amateur or professional reporter, or anyone giving a speech or creating a podcast. Whether for a 30 sec. elevator pitch, a major presentation, or a concert event, iQPrompter is the ideal solution for creating, practicing, and presenting any speech, or using a playlist of lyrics, anywhere, anytime.


• An innovative progress bar display helps to plan and control progress in a time-constrained venue, showing proportionally how much the progress is ahead/behind that scheduled.
• An autostart feature, with visible countdown, cues the speaker for accurate start.
• Speed can be finely controlled on-screen or by remote control, or optionally locked to planned time.
• Planned, Remaining, and deviation times are displayed.
• A visual alarm provides increasingly urgent warnings when time is running short.
• Line and paragraph spacing can be set.
• Changes to settings can be viewed immediately.
• Text engine and display system engineered to handle large scripts.
• Text can be fast-scrolled by using a (normally hidden) slider.
• Full directory navigation for I/O, including file deletion and folder creation/deletion.
• Prompter text scrolling begins and ends at (settable) indicator, with adjustable guide range.
• Manual or automatic download of current script to remote devices, synchronous prompter operationl.


• Cue-points can be set to immediately jump to specific paragraphs.
• Scroll speed specified by words/sec regardless of text settings.
• A variety of preloaded copyable famous speeches.
• Scripts can be created using the on-screen or external keyboard.
• Scripts and other files can be imported/exported via multiple means, including to/from Mac or Windows.
• Speed and other functions can be controlled by a remote iPhone app, external keyboard, or foot-pedal.


Any number of audio/video recordings or photos can be taken, imported, or exported. The full range of iPad media settings is available. CameraRoll import/export is included.


Video podcasts or field reports can be uploaded to YouTube, then immediately included in a linked Tweet to announce availability, optionally including location and photos. Direct Twitter messages can be sent and the user timeline viewed. Map/Satellite views are included for your own location of that of others.

With direct uploads to DropBox, iCloud, eMail, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, it is the ideal speaker’s companion, or ENG device, uniquely designed for creating, managing, practicing, pacing, presenting, and recording speeches, and for making them available to others. Included are many other upload features to these services, independent of prompter text or media.


An externally connected monitor or teleprompter has independent flip settings to match any configuration, and has adjustable underscan. AirPlay allows wireless output to a TV or projector. Optionally includes alarms and progress indication.


A detailed help section also includes pre-addressed eMails for comments and bug reports, and a direct link to latest app status on our website.