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"FingerCAD” is the first CAD application for technical drawing with fingers assisted by computer. With "FingerCAD" you can draw houses, bridges, floor plans, mechanical components, geometrical figures, anything that can be designed with a common PC CAD. Useful for engineers in construction site, architects, surveyors, designers, students, etc.. The design possibilities with "FingerCAD" are endless and all these using your mobile device comfortably seated, standing or on the go. The ease of use makes "FingerCAD" very useful and immediate. The final project can be saved in the portable device using standard formats (e.g. .DXF, .PDF, .OBJ 2D and 3D), sent via e-mail, shared using modern cloud systems or printed. The zooming and panning, the customization of the design, the common CAD tools, the ability of including measures and free text, auto-saving, the ability to continue operations even in subsequent sessions of use (at boot "FingerCAD" automatically loads the project saved in the previous session of use), etc... make it really unique. Using the "time machine" feature you can go back in time and remove objects from last to first (also in subsequent sessions of work). The UNDO and REDO will help you to restore the previous state if You commit unwanted errors, the edit features (scale, rotate, move, copy, mirror, select, delete selection, transform, move the control points by dragging a finger on the screen, etc...) will help you to modify existing designs using your fingers. The "automatic acquisition of the nearest snap points" will simplify the drawing of adjacent graphics objects and the function "2x-wall" will allow the automatic design of walls (double line with desired thickness). You can draw the objects using different colors (using the infinite available colors selectable with the color palette, the color picker or the four RGBA components) or fill the surfaces with a color (color filling). The transparency (alpha) allows You to draw semi-transparent objects (infinite intensity of transparency can be used). Using the tool "freehand drawing" you can add freehand drawings to the technical design (such as ornamental plants, etc...) or sign it. Also, it is available a large collection of DXF objects ready to be used with "FingerCAD”, that can be imported into your CAD projects ("FingerCAD" is compatible with the existing DXF part libraries).

- MULTIFLOORS 3D DESIGN (layers at different heights)
- Preview of the other layers in the current layer
- SELECT, COPY, MOVE objects (also from a layer to another layer)
- High design precision "dynamic preview of the design under the fingers with a magnifying glass"
- Export using the formats .OBJ 2D and 3D: import your CAD designs into 3D modeling software such as Blender, Maya 3D, Finger3D, etc.
- Export/import of DXF files
- Export to PDF
- Conversion of file formats:
1) from DXF to OBJ
2) from DXF to PDF
3) from DXF to IMAGE (JPG, PNG)
4) from DXF to FCAD
5) from FCAD to DXF
- Ability to import DXF files from a WEB LINK and from an e-mail attachment
- File sharing (IN and OUT) with Dropbox, cloud sharing systems
- "FingerCAD 3D VIEWER" to explore Your design in a 3D world
- Ability to print the drawing (AirPrint)
- Adjustable grid and snap to grid (snap to grid can also be used during editing session)
- Many types of automatic snap points on the CAD objects
- Measures (with selectable units of measure)
- POLYLINE to draw objects linked together
- Scale and rotate
- Mirror
- Mirror a copy
- Extend
- Trim
- Send with an email the generated .dxf, .obj, .pdf, .fcad files (email attachment)
- Ability to share .dxf, .obj, .pdf, .fcad with other installed apps
- DXF part library (architecture, communication, electrical, electronics, mechanical, misc, processing, templates, zipf_libs)
- Draw on a photo (you can also enter the measurements on a photographed object)
- Undo / redo
- GIS design using FingerGIS together with FingerCAD