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Hatha Yog

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Hatha Yoga app is a self practice training guide for 16 core Yoga Postures or Asanas for healthy living.

• Minimal 16 core Posture to exercise most body parts and organs.
• Step wise animation for each posture to learn individual steps.
• Design Complete Yoga Session or Class for a personalized workout.
• Pick favorite songs from your iTunes library to play during session.
• Voiceover & Sound Cues to guide set duration, warm up and cool down.
• Detailed steps, benefits, contraindication, and impacted organs for each posture.
• Sanskrit names and pronunciation for each Posture.
• Select Posture Image or Nature Shot for each asana practice.

Individuals or Yoga teachers can use it to design custom classes or sessions personalized for individual practitioner's needs. These include specific body parts/organs or relief from specific physical ailments. The root Sanskrit word Hatha implies the combination of the opposing Sun and Moon energies. This Yoga is primarily about balancing the aggressive and nurturing forces inherent in us for efficient flow of Pranic Energy(vital life force).

The obvious physical benefits are getting in shape, strong and a flexible body. But it also fosters circulation, lubrication, detoxification, digestion, sleep, and mental calmness. The focus is on slow gradual movement, and constant oxygenation. An approach which helps strengthen the "weak links" in the overall network of body parts. The gradual movement while preventing lactic acid buildup foster excretory movement of toxins or "ama" from joints, tissues and organs. Most other exercise forms leave many of these body parts unexercised. So irrespective of one's favorite sport, a few Hatha Yoga classes a week can make one perform better both physically and mentally.

These Asanas are a summer distillation from Hatha Yoga Pradipika written by Swami Swatmarama. It builds on the work of Rishi Patanjali and others leading to a six limbed path devoted to physical preparation of the body. While the focus is on physical postures but the larger context is achieving mental calm. Hatha Yoga enables efficient energy flow the body leading to a centered mind.